Finn´s Fables 1

Finn´s Bone

There once was a dog named Finn who had 1 solitary bone.It was usually kept under the tree outside.One day,Finn went outside and found that his bone was missing.Instead,he saw 3 birds chatting on the branches of the tree.Enraged,he attacked the birds shouting,¨Thieves!Give me back my bone!¨.1 of the birds,a sparrow,was so frightened by Finn´s screaming that he flew off.

A pigeon calmly flew down next to Finn and said,¨We are birds,what would we do with your bone?Do not accuse us of such things.¨Knowing that the pigeon was right,Finn gave up hope and crawled back to his house.When inside,he went straight to his bed.Much to his surprise,he found his bone there,covered in a special type of peanut butter gloss.Ashamed of himself,he ran back to the tree and apologized to the birds.Then,he went back inside,curled up,and chewed on his bone.

Moral of the story:Things are not always as they seem

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  1. mrsdsroadrunners

    You wrote a fable! It is lovely and Finn seems like an interesting animal. His handsome apology to the birds is a nice touch.

    What will Finn do next?
    Mrs. D